What’s Your Mermaid Name?

Chapter illustration A

Find out your top secret mermaid name.

Take the first letter of your firstĀ name from the first list.

Then take the firstĀ letter of your surname from the second list.

What will YOUR name be?

First Name Second Name
A Coralie A Shimmerfin
B Merla B Brightsea
C Pearl C Silverstone
D Shellanna D Wavestorm
E Merryl E Goldrock
F Delphia F Silversong
G Meranna G Kelpsea
H Shella H Sealight
I Pippa I Bluewater
J Merralie J Silvertail
K Finnia K Deepsong
L Stormie L Quickfin
M Meriel M Silversea
N Laguna N Greyfin
O Pearlina O Shellrock
P Merrin P Shimmersea
Q Coraline Q Finsplash
R Finella R Shinewater
S Serena S Sparkles
T Merlie T Brightfin
U Silviana U Greypearl
V Estella V Bluefin
W Shelley W Longtail
X Silvie X Silverfish
Y Corella Y Watersea
Z Shellsea Z Pearlstone

Estella colour C flipped resized


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