Of mermaids and monsters!

We were delighted to welcome St Andrews School into Cullompton Library the other day.

Susie drawing Shadow-Shark

The children listened beautifully to Amy reading from ‘Estella and the Falling Star’, then Susie did some live drawing of…The Dreaded Shadow-Shark!

Susie live drawing 1

Amy shared her top secret notes for the Shadow-Shark that she’d written when planning the book.

How I wrote the story 2

We then had brilliant fun thinking about what makes a good sea monster. How could it be different from a sea creature in our world? The Shadow-Shark is much bigger in Sapphire Sea than sharks are in real life. It has eyes the size of barrels, teeth the size of lobsters…and a distinctive double-fin.

As a group, we created some fabulous creatures!

The children then had great fun thinking about and creating their own sea monsters.

fabulous beast 3 a fabulous sea beast

So thank you to everyone for coming along and sharing our world of magic, mermaid and monsters!


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