The mermaids are here!

What could be inside….?

Susie unwrapping box

But it’s not my birthday…


Yes, the mermaids are officially here!

Susie with box

A splash of mermaids!

We are now all set for the launch tomorrow! There will be much merriment, magical mermaids and more than a sprinkle of sparklyness!

(If you can’t come to the launch, but you would like a signed copy of the book, you can now buy it directly from us here. 5% of royalties is donated to a wonderful charity called ICP Support).

Thanks to everyone at Matador Books for their help in producing the book. Susie and I have had such fun creating ‘Estella and the Falling Star’. And big thanks to Lucy Cuthew and everyone who has encouraged us along the way. Now it’s time for the mermaids to go out into the big, wide world, to spread a little magic and a little mischief…




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